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[ Our Body has stories which only it can tell ]

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"Porquoi Je Danse ?" Video crée pour le webdocumentaire intitulé "Pourquoi je danse ?"
La Maison de la Danse |
Video Paulo Henrique & Play Bleu Support ARTE TOTAL, Braga (PT).

[past] "1996 / 2012"
projects | photo & video installation

"La performance déformante de Paulo Henrique"
in Libération by Marie-Christine Vernay

"A performance you should see if you can"
in Dance-Technology Zone by Jeff McMahon

Wild Dog 4 'Naked'
"Contract with the Skin"(Video)
In SPMN by Jerry Wigens

"Entre Nós" programa RTP / Universidade Aberta

Mostra Video na a9)))
in 'Jornal de Leiria', 17.06.2010 by Miguel Sampaio

"Paulo Henrique: a independança"
in 'preguiça magazine', 23.05.2013 by Pedro Miguel

"Vecteurs du Corps","video-mapping e performances"
in 'LusoJornal', (n. 143) 02.10.2013 by Ana Catarina Alberto

2022 >>
● Projection of the video art 'Trilogy' L'Uomo - a warning for the 21st century a collaboration with the photographer Iris Brosch. 5 - 9 JUL. Les Rencontres Photo d’Arles, Arles (FR).

2021 >>
● Serrlaves Museum, Porto (PT) 22 APR - 28 NOV. The work FROM NOW ON by Paulo Henrique, selected to be part of "For a Timeline to Be" – Geneaologies of dance as artistic practice in Portugal is a collective exercise that signals landmarks related to the development and dissemination of dance as artistic practice in Portugal in the 20th and 21st centuries.

● Participation in the 2021 São Carlos Video-dance Festival with the work "Don't Look" ( Paulo Henrique & Play Bleu ), held from September to November, space URZE, São Paulo, Brazil (BR).

● Participation at the "Performance Week and Art of Media", 22 - 25 SEP. Organized and promoted by the Banco das Artes Galeria, Leiria (PT) curated by Ana David Mendes, inviting the artists : Nuno Sousa Vieira, Lara Portela, Joclécio Azevedo and Paulo Henrique for a conference, performances and workshops.

2020 >>
● Artistic residency - Guelra - Choreographic Transcreation Laboratory.
The project aims to address the connection and artistic interaction in the trans-disciplinary nature of dancing and writing, exploring the link between four main aspects: space, memory, body and writing. GNRation in partnership with ARTE TOTAL, with the support of dgARTES, 7th - 12th December, 2020, Braga (PT).

● CONTRACT WITH SKIN // Nov. 2000 - 2020. Some of the topics of this multimedia dance project still resonate today. Full project description. An internet & online Video Screenning 20 years celebration and dedicated multimedia website Instagram / Facebook / Linkedin / Twiteer, 1st - 4th November, 2020. #video #skin #body #sterotype body language and #language also not only as connection but as frontier - barrier ( visible & invisible ) SKIN - entity - envelope - territory - landscape - border - sensor - medium - Multiple readings around the idea of "SKIN" - Embodiment / body / identity / politics & culture, approached in an allegorical and symbolic terms, allowing distinct readings, thus transforming the notions that are stereotypically understood to be society's unwritten "contract with the skin". Body as a generator of meaning.

● " DON'T LOOK " part of the official selection for the Video Dance Showcase of the 28th Quinzena de Dança de Alamada -International Dance Festival, Almada (PT).
" DON'T LOOK ", Directed by Play Bleu & Paulo Henrique | Dance & Performance by Paulo Henrique | Image - Camera - Edition by Play Bleu | Photography & Graphic Video Design by Play Bleu | Producer - Executive Producer Paulo Henrique & Arte Total Production Company Play Bleu | Artistic Residency at Arte Total, Braga (PT) .

2019 >>
● Concept for the performance intervention'Performance Act' with Evelyne Le Pollotec, curated by Alberto Sorbelli « Corps et artivisme », project by Sarah Trouche, Paris (FR).

● Participation as a complement actor, role silhouette 'Captain of d'état major', scene taking place at the 'headquarters of the General Staff in Paris' with the 'Colonel Picquart' ( Jean Dujardin ) and the 'Général De Pellieux'
( Laurent Stocker ), Film « J'accuse » directed by Roman Polanski, Paris (FR).

Braga International Video Dance Festival, 4th Edition (PT).
PRODUCTION Arte Total, DIRECTED and CURATED by Cristina Mendanha and Paulo Henrique, Braga (PT).

2018 >>
● Collaboration « The Fop » : Love & Lust In Victorian Queer New York , Conceived and Written by Jack Shamblin Co-Produced by Anna Augustsson, Co-Directed & staging by Paulo Henrique, Dramaturgy by Joe E. Jefferys. DIXON Place / Feb 2018 / New York (USA).
Braga International Video Dance Festival, 3rd Edition.
PRODUCTION Arte Total, DIRECTED and CURATED by Cristina Mendanha and Paulo Henrique, Braga (PT).

● Intervention / Performance "Effraction", vernissage de la sculpture
« Parure » de Axel Rogier-Waeselynck, CRR93 in collaboration with Cie.Abel (FR).
2017 >>
● Festival International des 4 Chemins | Multidisciplinary festival, multi-cultural and multilocalized in the district of 4 Chemins, Au Clos Sauvage, in collaboration with Cie.Abel (FR).
Braga International Video Dance Festival, 2nd Edition (PT).
PRODUCTION Arte Total, DIRECTED and CURATED by Cristina Mendanha and Paulo Henrique / TECHNICAL DIRECTOR : Play Bleu, Braga (PT).

« the PORTRAITS - case#1 PARIS & PAULO, the PORTRAITS - short video documentary directed by Alisa Kunitsyna. Stories about creative people and the cities where they live. This story is about Paulo HENRIQUE (choreographer/working with video installation) and Paris. Dance extracts from videos by PLAY BLEU and by José BUDHA. Artistic collaboration with digital artist João Martinho Moura, "Guelra" residency ARTE TOTAL / GNRation (PT), Camões-Instituto da cooperação e da lingua | la Maison du Portugal-André de Gouveia (FR).
2016 >>
● Participation Projet lanternes | Little Villette | Paris. « Une danse du crépuscule ». Théâtre Les Poussières | Cie.Abel, with Evelyne Le Pollotec and Paulo Henrique (FR).
● Collaboration with the photographer Christophe Apatie.Paris (FR).
2015 >>
Video Dance Festival - Body in Focus, 1st International Screening of Video Dance. « CORPO em FOCUS / BODY in FOCUS ». Hosted by NORTE Festival de Dança 2015.

« Thinking / Drawing » Curious Gallery Winter 2015 show. The use of drawing as an aid to their creative thinking process - until 7 Feb 2015, Curious Projects, Eastbourne (UK).
2014 >>
● Collaboration with the American photographer, German born, Eva Mueller on a experimental photo shoot. " Eva’s fascination with the human body can result in surprisingly playful, complex and searching images ". New York (USA).
"Thinking / Drawing" Curious Gallery Winter 2014-15 show. The use of drawing as an aid to their creative thinking process - Sat 6 Dec - Fri 7 Feb 2015, Curious Projects, Eastbourne (UK).
« L'UOMO » Collaboration on the performance project by Iris Brosch, produced in Venice for Open17 / Arte Communications in 2014. A video directed by Iris Brosch (FR / IT).
● Festival MarginalArtes Dance Video Installation | Play Bleu [Filipe Lopes], Arte Total. 18 until 20 July | Casa das Artes, Arcos de Valdevez (PT).
● Project presentation, part of Chantiers D'Europe / Theatre de la Ville - Paris 17.06.2014 | 18h30 | Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian Paris (FR).
In partnership with Camões-Instituto da cooperação e da lingua | la Maison du Portugal-André de Gouveia, Paris (FR). Participation of Lidia Martinez | presentation of new works and work in progress (video) Luciana Fina, PlayBleu (PT) and (photography) Eva Mueller (USA).

● Artistic Residence - Guelra - Choreographic Transcreation Laboratory. The project aims to address the connection and artistic interaction in the trans-disciplinary nature of dancing and writing, exploring the link between four main aspects: space, memory, body and writing. Arte Total, 2nd - 8th March, 2014, Braga (PT).

● Screening video at SPECIAL EFFECT FESTIVAL (video display), organized by Comtemporary Performance Network
9th -13th January 2014, New York (USA).

2013 >>
"Vecteurs du Corps", Video Installation | Collaboration José Budha | Maison du Portugal-André De Gouveia, Paris | 19th-29th September - Part of the Week of Foreigners Cultures (Semaine des cultures étrangères), Paris (FR).

"Stars on the Stairs - DUOS" 26th-28th September + "Stars on the Stairs /D-E-F-I-S" - Jany Jeremie (Migrateurs/Transatlantique)/Lieux publics - Centre national de création, Marseille (FR)

[x] Stars on the Stairs /D-E-F-I-S | Paulo Henrique 'mémoire d'une image absent', 28th September 2013 | Gare Saint-Charles - Marseille capitale culturelle européenne 2013, >Marseille (FR).

"Portes D'or", Open Doors of the artists at Goutte d'Or 18th borough of Paris, 4th Édition festival - june 14,15 & 16, and until june 22 at Echomusée, Paris (FR)

"Body and bodies, transgressions and narratives", Collective Art exhibition: painting, photo, sculpture, video curated by Genoveva Oliveira. Paulo Henrique presents "Minimally Invasive" (video) + photo part of series "Partilal Disclosures" by Robert Flynt. From the 18th of May until 29th of June, Museum MiMo, Leiria (PT).

Paulo Henrique has been creating multi-disciplinary works, dealing with body performance, new technologies, sound & image since 1993.
He has created a number of dance performances and installation works, integrating media such as video, sound, text, voice, and visual arts.

He has been awarded grants, awards and fellowships:Gulbenkian Foundation / Luso-American Foundation / Centro Nacional Cultura for artistic residences and research at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, The Trisha Brown Dance Company and Film&Video Arts (New York, 1997-2001). In addition, he took part in several artistic residencies such as "Korper-technik|Body-Technology".(Germany) and "European Choreographic Forum"/Shinkansen (UK).

He has taught at Forum Dança, C.E.M., and Arte Total, and was a guest lecturer at Brighton University (postgraduate diploma in digital media arts). He was part of the juri panel in Portugal for the contest "Jovens Criadores" (Youth creators) by Clube Português Artes e Ideias and creator of the group "CoNbined-Forms" (2000) an internet sharing platform, exchanging & facilitating inter-disciplinary communication/ information, vital for any artisic community.

His performance work has been presented by: Festival Made In Corpus (France), Danças na Cidade (Portugal), AMORPH Festival (Finland), Anymous Festival (Czech Republic), Festival SpringDance (Netherlands) and many others.
In New York at Dance Theater Workshop and Location One Gallery.
His work was commissioned by the EXPO98 World Exhibition (PT) and by DTW's Bessie Schonberg/First Light Commissioning Program funded by Jerome Foundation (USA). Collaborated with the photographers Robert Flynt, Eva Mueller and Iris Brosch.

His work is part of the Digital Performance Archive [DPA] and was recently mentioned in the book "Digital Performance": A History of New Media in Theater, Dance, Performance Art, and Installation by Steve Dixon/ Mit Press. 2007 and "TeDance, Perspectives on Technologically Expanded Dance by Daniel Tercio/ FMH 2009.

2012 >>
(in) translation" Performance & Video | Volksroom theater | November, Brussels (BE)
●"A Man In The Park" - Performance Installation | 'Isto também sou eu (I am this also)', June, Liberdade Provisória, Lisbon(PT)
●Participation in "Les Reines Chutent" de Lidia Martinez | Festival Nomades, June, Paris (FR)
and in October, Venaria Reale, Turin (IT)
Part of 'Stars on the Stairs', coproduction Migrateurs Transatlantiques | Lieux publics | centre national de création with the support of d'IN SITU

2011 >>
●"Contract With The Skin"(Video) - Juri prize "Performance Inside the Screen"
Festival É-Aqui-in-Ócio, Sept., Póvoa de Varzim (PT)
●"Contract With The Skin"(Video), OUTSIDER Performance Series, June, Norway,
●Live Act & Video "Contract With The Skin", Festival Anymous, May 20th, Pilsen, Czech Republic.

2010 >>
"DOC.10", T.J.L.S; October 30th, Leiria (PT)
"Frame & Re-Frame", September 18th, CCB, Lisbon (PT)
ART en acciON, Video "Sample",
Espacio Espora, June 25th, Madrid (ES)
Mostra Video-Dança, a9)))), June 12th, Leiria (PT)
LOOP project:: Triptych series,
internet web video project, May, Paris (FR)

2009 >>
"DOC.10" at Theatro Circo, June, Braga (PT)
Collectionoir Gallery, Video screening, March, Porto (PT)
Cartabranca, Video screening, Jan.,Porto (PT)
Mostra Jovens Realizadores /mi|mo,
Teatro J.L.Silva,Jan., Leiria (PT)

2008 / 2007 >>
"DOC.10" Balleteatro,Nov. 07, Porto (PT)
"DOC.10", Teatro Miguel Franco, April 07, Leiria (PT)
"DOC.10", Box Nova/CCB, Jan. 07, Lisbon (PT)
"Contract With The Skin"(video)
Wild Dog 4 'Naked', The Space, Sept. 07, London (UK)

2006 >>
"Contract with the Skin" + "Around One",
ArtConcept Festival-Video/Nonevideo, Aug. 06, Russia
●Performance Behind the scenes of the Museum
TATE MODERN, July 06, London (UK)

He currently lives and works in Paris.

His works include:
"Piano" in 1993
"Ode"; "Branco[white], "Terra Plana"[Flat Earth] in 1994
"From Now On" in 1996
"Minimally Invasive" in 1998
"Contract With The Skin" in 2000
"Around One" in 2001
"Around One (changing winds)" in 2002
"Hotel" in 2005
"Supended Lines [move//still]" + "Videoroom" | "Surface Tension" in 2006
"DOC.10" in 2006/7
"Surface Tension + Autographs" in 2008/09
"Live-Act/Performance" | "Sample" | "Night trip" | Frame & Re-Frame" in 2010
"Man In The Park" | "Hacker" | "(in) translation" | "Transformation or metamorphosis" in 2012.
"Vecteurs du Corps" | "Mémoire d'une image absent" in 2013

Other works::
>> See right column >>

References to his work:

A History of New Media in Theater, Dance, Performance Art, and Installation
By Steve Dixon/ Mit Press, 2007
ISBN-10: 0-262-04235-5

TEDANCE Perspectives on Technologically Expanded Dance
By Daniel Tércio / FMH, 2009
ISBN: 987-972-735-160-2

FROM NOW ON photo by Jorge Goncalves'

Dance | Performance | Video

His work has been presented at venues such as:
"New Moves Across Europe" Festival in Glasgow
"Danças Na Cidade" Festival in Lisbon
"Festival X" Festival in Lisbon
"Festival Atlantico 97 / Body, Art and Technology", Lisbon;
"Made in Corpus" Festival in Toulouse
"Split Stream" Dance Theater Workshop in New York
"Les Urbaines" Festival in Lausanne
K ünstlerhaus mousonturm Theater in Frankfurt
"SpringDance" Festival in Holland
"VideoLisboa" International Video Festival in Lisbon
"Número" Multimedia Arts, Cinema & Music Festival in Lisbon
II Bienal of Plastic Arts & Cinema "Cinemacção" in Leiria
XI Bienal Vilanova de Cerveira
Anymous Performance Festival in Pilsen
and many other festivals, theatres and venues in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Britain, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Marroco, Portugal, Palestina, Romania, Spain and U.S.America.


"Samples (Contract With The Skin)" Photolounge
[Photomonth 2010], London, 14th to 17th Oct. 2010
'Autographs + Surface Tension'
at Photomonth 2009 London, Nov. 09
"Surface Tension' + 'Autographs",
Brighton Photo Fringe Festival, Oct. 2008
"Surface Views", at photomonth
London, Nov. 2006

Installation / Media

"Around One"(Changing winds) sound installation,
NODE.London / S.U.M (1,4,6), London, March 2006
"VideoRoom",part of "Suspended Lines (move//still)"
Fringe Brighton Festival, May 2006
"Surface Tension", Brighton Photo Fringe Festival, Oct. 2006
SoundLAB IV / memoryscapes 5
Sample from "Around one"(sound), part of the exhibition
"://selfportrait - a show for Bethlehem - a show for peace"

A project by Media/Art/Cologne powered by [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||COLOGNE,
exhibition initiated and curated by Agricola de Cologne, presented at:

Al Kahf Gallery Bethlehem/Palestine, 2006

Officyna Art Space Szczecin/Poland, 2006

.MAC - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Santa Fe/Argentina, 2006

Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Naples/Italy, 2006/2007

●MACRO - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Rosario/Argentina, 2007

All dates / places for "://selfportrait"

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